Beginning Woodworking for Women Spring 2018


“Gail creates a non-patronizing environment, encourages a mix and balance of support and independence, and maintains a focus on safety. She facilitates people for high level, challenging projects and guides them through the skill sets needed. I’ve been able to design and build real projects that are individual and meaningful.”

                                  Robbie (Woodworking for Women)


This class is designed for women who have not had much (or any at all) experience working with wood or tools. Participants will have a chance to explore their creative and practical, problem solving sides, and learn about safety, design, wood, power tools and some hand tools in a supportive learning environment. Machines such as the joiner, planer, table saw, drill press, miter saw, and band saw will be covered as well as drills, routers, and sanders. Each participant will design and build a small project of individual choice. Classes are limited to four participants.

Fee: $290 covers instruction and general supplies. Wood, hardware and any special items needed for the chosen project are not included. Participants can acquire their own wood, or have instructor purchase for reimbursement.

                        Class Session Options:

Wednesdays, April 25-June 13, 2018


Thursdays, April 26-June 14, 2028

*If there is enough interest for a Monday evening class, I’m willing to add one on this night as well.

630-9  p.m.     Eight weeks.

*Daytime classes can be scheduled if there are a minimum of three participants. Day and time to be explored by those interested. Just let me know.

Contact for availability first, then print out registration form and send with payment.


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