S B House process 1996 -1999

It was 1982 when I picked up a book on women’s carpentry and “the” nagging question surfaced: “What must it feel like to build one’s own home?” I tried to shake that question loose for 15 years while learning the cabinetry trade, daydreaming, and planning and helping build other people’s houses. Yet, there it stayed and in 1996, I gave in. I chose straw bale construction so that I could build it and my friends could help. I liked that the straw is a renewable resource that grows in one season and becomes a waste product for the farm. I like the super insulation value of the straw. I like the organic look of the walls and the overall feel to my home. I’ve had to choose “labor intensive” paths rather than “money intensive” ones to financially make it happen and the result has been an amazing journey. I have a two story house, one story woodshop/studio and carport on 10 acres of diverse ecosystem. I have no mortgage and many years behind me of carving out time, energy and money to keep the project moving forward. I hope to finish up (mostly….or enough…..) sometime during 2013. I welcome you to my house through these photo galleries.

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