SB House Exterior

My straw bale house is a two story hybrid load bearing structure. Attached is a straw bale one story woodshop/teaching studio and an open carport. I bought salvaged windows before I built and designed the house around what I bought. The hemlock lumber for the large door and window openings, the middle bearing wall, some stud walls for one section of the second story of the house, as well as floor joists, roof rafters and sub-flooring came from my land or local sources. Three coats of cement stucco (over chicken wire lath) were applied totally by hand. For the final coat, I invited friends to donate interesting objects to be put into the wet cement. I have pottery shards, beads, stones, and shells adorning the outside of my home as a reminder of all those who helped with the process of house building.

1432nes camera 161  house2 010
 1482 RS  camera 165
 1468RS Dining room view